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The first of many success stories for StepChange–an imminent application to a prestigious university for a one of our protégés!

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Our mission

The StepChange Foundation is a non-profit foundation which aims to raise funds through voluntary donations in order to benefit special selected common projects in Lebanon and in the Middle East.

The foundation will contribute towards providing educational and developmental opportunities to generations of children and, in this way, add to the democratic and economic development of Lebanon and the broader region.

For this purpose, the foundation is eliciting and promoting projects that provide care, support, education and further training of children and young adults.

The Foundation is committed to supporting children in the Middle East, regardless of their religion or gender.

Our primary areas of focus are:

  • Healthcare for children and young adults

  • Support for handicapped and care-dependant children 

  • Schooling and education for children and young adults that either do not have access or, due to adverse circumstances, are having their potential squandered or unfulfilled

  • The care and support of abandoned or homeless children through, for example, the support of orphanages 

  • Projects supporting children from dysfunctional environments through, for example, sporting activities.